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Major Computer Hardware Assignment

Graphics Cards and Hard Drives

Components of a Coputer
10 Input and output devices
CPU and Ram CHOS Battery
Graphics Cards and Hard Drives
Motherboard and Optical Drives
Northbridge Memory Controller and Southbridge I/O Controller
ACI and AGP Expansion Bus and ROM BIOS Chip

Hard Drives


      The Hard Drive is the secondary memory. It holds the information that you tell it to hold for you’re personally needs. The hard drive has 8 tracks and a metal reader called the head piece that reads the information. The hard disk spins at a speed of 3600 rpm.

Graphics cards

     A graphics card or video card is a component of a computer which is designed to convert a logical representation of an image stored in memory to a signal that can be used as input for a display medium, most often a monitor utilising a variety of display standards. Typically, it also provides functionality to manipulate the logical image in memory.