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Major Computer Hardware Assignment

Motherboard and Optical Drives

Components of a Coputer
10 Input and output devices
CPU and Ram CHOS Battery
Graphics Cards and Hard Drives
Motherboard and Optical Drives
Northbridge Memory Controller and Southbridge I/O Controller
ACI and AGP Expansion Bus and ROM BIOS Chip

The Motherboard

The motherboard is the most important part of the computer because it holds all the parts, components and every thing is somehow attached to it or helps it work.

          On the mother board there are many other circuit boards such as the video card, sound card, and modem. Each one has different parts to do. The motherboard also has different chips and parts such as the CPU (Central Processing Unit), BIOS chip (basic input output system), RAM and ROM are also on the motherboard. RAM stand for Random Access Memory and ROM stands is sort for Read Only Memory. That is what the motherboard does and has.




Optical Drives

Optical Drives provide reliable, removable high-capacity storage