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Major Computer Hardware Assignment

ACI and AGP Expansion Bus and ROM BIOS Chip

Components of a Coputer
10 Input and output devices
CPU and Ram CHOS Battery
Graphics Cards and Hard Drives
Motherboard and Optical Drives
Northbridge Memory Controller and Southbridge I/O Controller
ACI and AGP Expansion Bus and ROM BIOS Chip

PCI and AGP Expansion Bus

        PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect. And it connects to the systems memory directly and to the systems processor. The PCI slots hold the PCI cards. They include the LAN cards, USB cards, SCSI cards and other cards of you’re choosing. The AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) slot holds the video cards.

ROM: read-only memory: (computer science) memory whose contents can be accessed and read but cannot be changed

BIOS chip: Basic input/output system. Often referred to as CMOS, the BIOS provides an interface for a computer's hardware and software. The BIOS configuration determines how your hardware is accessed